Introducing a better way to reach & engage local auto intenders watching video on mobile and desktop:


With VIC, we put your video & inventory in front of deep-in-the-funnel shoppers looking to purchase a new or used vehicle. Your dealership video plays alongside a rotating gallery of dynamically targeted vehicles that link directly to your website VDPs.

This one-of-a-kind platform is designed to leverage dealership or OEM video to promote your business and inventory to local auto-intenders looking to make a purchase.

Video Ad Network Targeting

We can implement any of the following targeting capabilities to eliminate waste and increase the effectiveness of your video ad campaigns.

Uses information collected from a consumer’s browsing history including websites visited or searches conducted, and then displays relevant video ads to that consumer, empowering advertisers to reach interested consumers based on age, gender, household income, number of children, interests and in-market status.

Targets an individual based on a subject of particular interest to them, displaying ads on sites related specifically to the content the individual is viewing on a webpage.

Reach consumers who are identified by demographic characteristics such age, gender, income, ethnicity, and more.

Delivers customized video ads to an audience in a specific geographic location, enabling advertisers to target by country, state, DMA, city and even zip code.

Uses information collected from a consumer’s browsing history including websites visited or searches conducted and then displays relevant video ads to that consumer.


Times have changed for the vehicle buying experience. Today, auto intenders engage almost 20 websites prior to visiting a dealership with digital video playing a key role in which dealership to visit. Being the dealership of choice is key when the typical auto intender is visiting just one or two dealerships before making a purchase. Auto intenders shopping for vehicles today approach the purchase in a different manner than their predecessors – they’re informed, inquisitive and they have easy access to plenty of resources that can influence their purchase decision before they ever come face-to-face with a salesperson. It’s a pattern that will only become more pronounced as generations Y and Z gain more purchasing power within the marketplace.

  • 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others.
  • 69% of people who used video while buying a car were influenced by it – more than TV, newspapers, or magazines.
  • 51% of auto intenders watch more than 30 minutes of video during the buying process.
  • Companies who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video companies.
  • 1/3 of all online activity is spent watching video.



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