We deliver double opt-in Facebook users to your dealership VDPs – Guaranteed!


Promote your inventory to in-market auto intenders and link them to your dealership website with VDP Power Listings. We combine the best of SEM and Facebook to generate double opt-in VDP results to your own dealership website to help you SELL MORE VEHICLES!

We know that qualified auto intender traffic to the VDPs of your dealership is a key metric for your success. The TMPi – VDP Power Listings solution is a simple, powerful and cost-effective way to market your vehicles on Facebook.

By leveraging Facebook’s data and a proprietary algorithm, we target local auto intenders and systematically promote your vehicles with our carousel ad within the News Feed. You receive high-impact, high-ROI Facebook campaigns in minutes without the work, hassle, or added expense of manually launching campaigns.

VDP Attribution

As demonstrated by this client’s Google analytics snapshot, we are the #1 provider of measurable digital advertising solutions that drive hyper-local auto intenders into the dealership.  By utilizing a proprietary double opt-in carousel that targets Facebook users within 35 miles of the dealership, we achieve top rankings in key Google Analytics categories including Sessions, New Users, and Bounce Rate.

Google Analytics

Send in-market shoppers to your dealership VDPs and pay only for the traffic we deliver.

We now have VDP Power Listings in Spanish!

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Why Target Media Partners?

Solutions that work

We are a performance-based lead generation and digital marketing company providing desktop and mobile solutions to increase store sales.

Customer Service

Join thousands of customers across the country who value TMPi solutions. Our team of digital experts will customize your campaign for maximum results.

Guaranteed Results

Our consultative-based digital solutions are so good we guarantee it, as measured within your CRM of trackable calls, emails, texts and website traffic.


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