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Target Media Partners is a leading provider of digital advertising solutions for SMBs across the country.

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As a TMPi sales partner, you’ll join a long list of traditional media companies and digital advertising agencies that successfully bundle our digital solutions with their own diverse array of traditional media such as cable TV, radio, broadcast TV and print. The efforts of your sales force will drive increased revenue by packaging our digital ad solutions with your own product suite.

Leveraging the power of our local and national ad networks allows us to provide targeted solutions for businesses in various sectors such as automotive, education, retail, and recruitment – helping to grow revenue and drive traffic to virtual and physical storefronts. We strategically position our client’s advertising across the web with targeted solutions focused on finding “active local buyers” at the point of decision making. Our team of experts will tailor campaigns that are proven to perform, ensuring that advertising messages are placed on sites and apps that are reached by qualified, deep-in-the-funnel users that fit the target persona.

White Label

You can resell our digital solutions using the Target Media Partners brand name, or bundle them with your own products under a white label arrangement.


We offer comprehensive sales training, customized sales webinars, collateral, case studies and testimonials to ensure your staff is ready to sell.


You will have access to our integrated reporting systems that provide detailed attribution, demonstrating performance to your advertisers to ensure they are receiving the highest possible return on their advertising expenditures.

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Why Target Media Partners?

Solutions that work

We are a performance-based lead generation and digital marketing company providing desktop and mobile solutions to increase store sales.

Customer Service

Join thousands of customers across the country who value TMPi solutions. Our team of digital experts will customize your campaign for maximum results.

Guaranteed Results

Our consultative-based digital solutions are so good we guarantee it, as measured within your CRM of trackable calls, emails, texts and website traffic.


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