How To Make Mobile Videos That Get Watched

Mobile is one of the biggest phenomena in modern history, rivaled only by video. Combine the two, and you have a technological upheaval. People can watch anything, at any time—so they’re only going to watch videos that are immediately interesting and reward their time. If advertisers want to reach people, they need to earn their attention.

Below are some helpful tips that will make your video advertisements better and seen by more users.

Almost half of American adults check their phone at least 30 times a day

Attention on mobile is vastly different

Mobile video is exploding.
Over half of all video views are on mobile, and mobile video consumption is increasing exponentially. Mobile is where your customers watch everything from video ads to branded content—and it’s time to adapt yours to match.

People overwhelmingly prefer shorter ads to longer ones.
But on mobile, consumption is fast and attention is short—so the bar to capture and keep attention is higher. Research shows that video-watching on mobile is fast, frequent and needs to work with or without sound. Think about how you use your own mobile device, and those qualities will probably ring true.

The three seconds that matter most.
TV commercials typically air in a “forced view” environment where people watch the entire spot, so it makes sense to have the punchline at the end. But on mobile, 47% of a video’s value is delivered in the first three seconds, and 74% is delivered in the first ten seconds—after that, attention starts to decline. If your brand message is at the end of a 30-second spot, this may mean people are less likely to see it.

Brand and Message

Make sure your brand gets credit and your message is delivered.

Include your brand early.
The earlier you can place your brand in the video and the clearer you can make the message, the better. Many mobile videos underperform because the message is unclear, the branding isn’t distinct or the viewer simply doesn’t know what to do next.

Remember branding is more than just a logo.
What other aspects of your brand are iconic or easily recognizable—a font, a color, an aesthetic? Use them early and often.

Reinforce the campaign message visually.
Focus on communicating information without words. Use graphics, motion and explanatory visuals to convey your message.

Set the scene quickly.
Most TV commercials spend a long time setting up context. On mobile, it’s important to capture attention immediately and plunge people directly into the drama.

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