Using LinkedIn to find Customers for your Dealership

A great way for dealerships to attract new customers is with LinkedIn advertising.

A client of ours with a high-end BMW dealership in the San Francisco Bay Area came to us recently asking for ideas on how to attract new customers via Social Media. Of course we laid out our very successful VDP Power Listings Facebook solution that delivers double opt-in auto intenders to dealership VDPs – a no brainer sign-up. But he wanted more.

So we proposed our new LinkedIn solution that targets C-level executives looking for a new vehicle in the area. With powerhouse corporations like Google, Adobe, Apple, Ebay all within 15 miles, it made a lot of sense to target these businesses and others like them. We went after the CEOs, CFOs, and COOs that worked at these businesses and served dealership ads to them that appeared in their LinkedIn feed.

We’re happy to report that three months in and our client has had tremendous success attracting the C-level customers we targeted and has sold numerous vehicles due to the program. The dealership has made LinkedIn a standard part of their monthly ad spend and plans to continue the program indefinitely.

At Target Media Partners, our team of digital experts will help find new customers and drive them to your dealership storefronts. Contact us today for more information on how we can make Social Media work for you.