STUDY: Email Lures Back Abandoned Cart Shoppers

Want to win back customers who abandon carts? Email is the best way, according to Online Consumer Behavior 2018, a study by Namogoo.

Of the 1,300 online shoppers polled, 84% have abandoned a cart and returned later to complete the transaction. And email brought them back in most cases.

Overall, 81% still wanted the emails in the cart. And 45% determined that after comparing prices, the abandoned offer was the cheapest.

But 39% say they were emailed a discount promotion for the item in the cart, and 25% got a routine reminder.

In contrast, pop-ups and banners from competing sites don’t work — 78% say these would negatively affect their view of that retailer.

The study also found:

Pricing and shipping fees are the big persuaders for 90%, and over 65% regularly compare prices on competing sites. But 77% would abandon their cart over shipping and other extra fees.

Consumers say that having to enter the same information twice is the most vexing part of the checkout process — 63% of the mobile shoppers say so, as do 53% of the desktop purchasers.

Over 55% will click on ads for sites that offer the same product at a lower price. And 80% will buy from those sites.


By Ray Schultz