The TMPi Automotive Network

The Target Media Partners Automotive Network contains over 40 premium automotive, classified and local sites where we promote and distribute dealership inventory across the web, reaching 80+ million auto intenders every month.

Dealership inventory is distributed in real-time and optimized within our network to drive deep-in-the-funnel consumer actions to your physical and virtual showrooms.

Our team of experts carefully monitor inventory and place it on the sites that will perform best for that specific make and model of vehicle, delivering you the best ROI.

And with OVERDRIVE, our performance-based lead generation solution, you can sign up today to start receiving VIN-specific phone calls, emails, and text messages … and the best part – pay only for the performance you receive.



Establish a budget and get started – It’s that simple!

Our algorithm will promote and distribute your vehicles within our Automotive Network – you sit back and respond to future customer VIN-specific phone calls, emails, and text messages regarding your inventory*.

You only pay for the performance you receive – qualified VIN-specific phone calls, emails, and text messages to the dealership*.

You can advertise with confidence due to full lead attribution within your CRM.

*Scrubbed, recorded VIN-specific phone calls of at least :30 seconds in duration
*Scrubbed VIN-specific emails to eliminate duplication and validation of address
*Text message full dialog between auto intender and dealership transcribed

Why Target Media Partners?

Solutions that work

We are a performance-based lead generation and digital marketing company providing desktop and mobile solutions to increase store sales.

Customer Service

Join thousands of customers across the country who value TMPi solutions. Our team of digital experts will customize your campaign for maximum results.

Guaranteed Results

Our consultative-based digital solutions are so good we guarantee it, as measured within your CRM of trackable calls, emails, texts and website traffic.


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